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Marketing Team Cost Comparison: In-House vs. Outsourcing

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses need effective marketing strategies to stay competitive. But building an in-house marketing team is costly and time-consuming. That's where outsourcing comes in. By outsourcing your marketing efforts to a team like Freelance Crew, you can tap into a rich pool of talent, save costs, and stay ahead of industry trends. Ready to explore the advantages of outsourcing? Start your journey with Freelance Crew today.


In-House: Building a team in-house involves significant initial and ongoing costs. You'll need to pay for recruitment, training, salaries, benefits, and potentially office space. You'll also need to budget for equipment, software, and professional development. As of September 2021, the median annual wage for marketing managers in the United States was around $141,490, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For a full marketing team, you might also need marketing coordinators, content creators, graphic designers, SEO specialists, social media managers, and others. The total cost can easily run into several hundred thousand dollars per year.

Outsourced: Outsourcing eliminates many of these costs. You only pay for the services you need, when you need them, leading to potentially significant cost savings. Set-up fees for an outsourced team are typically much lower than the initial investment required for an in-house team. And, on average our customer pay only $2500-3500 a month for many of the same services they could obtain through hiring a full time marketing manager. That's a considerable cost savings ($7-$8k per month) and comes with much less liability for the business owner. Curious about how much you could save? Contact Freelance Crew for a quote.


In-House: While you can carefully select and develop your in-house team, it can be challenging and costly to replicate the range of expertise that an outsourced team can provide. This includes strategy, content creation, analytics, and more.

Outsourced: Outsourced teams consist of professionals with specialized skills in various areas of marketing. This diversity of talent can provide a broader perspective and a richer pool of ideas for your marketing efforts. Interested in tapping into this pool of talent? See what Freelance Crew can do for you.


In-House: Scaling an in-house team can be time-consuming and expensive. You'll need to recruit, hire, and train new team members, which can be a particular challenge during periods of rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations.

Outsourced: An outsourced team can quickly adjust the scope of their work based on your changing needs. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for businesses experiencing rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations. Need a team that can scale with you? Check out Freelance Crew's flexible services.


In-House: An in-house team may have a deep understanding of your business, but they may not be exposed to as broad a range of industry trends and ideas as an outsourced team.

Outsourced: Marketing agencies work with a variety of clients and industries, which gives them a broader perspective on market trends. They can spot emerging trends and adjust your marketing strategy more quickly than an in-house team. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Let Freelance Crew guide your strategy.

Outsourcing your marketing efforts to a team like Freelance Crew not only saves costs but also provides access to a diverse range of talent, flexibility, and a broad perspective on industry trends. By choosing to outsource, you can focus on what you do best—running your business—while a team of experts handles your marketing. Ready to take the leap, let's talk!

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We started using Freelance Crew for one of our brands, and now we have them managing advertising, Klaviyo Flows, and e-mails for all four brands. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

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Andrew is a genuine, honest, and reliable man. Knowing here's there to back you up whenever necessary is something that's hard to find in this industry. If you're thinking about working with Freelance Crew, just do it!

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Simply the best. I have worked with many other Marketers but Andrew and his team are cream of the crop. I look forward to a long-term business relationship.

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