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Frequently asked questions

The first charge is a fee to set up your campaign. Once your
campaign goes live, you will be charged that day and then every 30 days thereafter, as long as the campaign is live and we are managing them. 

You can email to request billing assistance. 

The Freelance Crew team will reach out to you via e-mail with
an onboarding checklist and the schedule your initial onboarding call.

You will cover and have full control of the ad spend on your
account. The ad spend can be changed within 24 hours of notification. 

Typically, you will see sales coming in within the first 30

The Freelance Crew Team will provide you with a comprehensive
report and video overview of your campaign results on the 1st and 15th of every

For some packages, we set up a series of e-mails and text to go
out to your customers once they have made a purchase. We also send out weekly newsletters to engage your customers to increase the lifetime value. 

Once a customer has made a purchase from your campaign
or has signed up for your offer. The Freelance Crew Team is able to set up campaigns on various platforms so they will continue to see your