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Case Study: How Our Team Generated $2.5 Million for 5150 Whips

Are you looking for a professional team that excels in driving significant revenue through careful website development, strategic email marketing automation, and effective ad campaigns on social media? Your search ends here! Dive into our case study, as we unravel our successful journey with a client, leveraging these tools to achieve incredible business growth and outshine their competition.

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, and businesses must adapt to thrive and expand. As a business owner, you may have asked yourself important questions like, "What is the average cost of hiring a digital marketing agency?" or "Is it beneficial to hire a digital marketing agency?" You might also wonder who the top performers are in digital marketing and how to find a reliable agency. It's crucial to have clear and comprehensive answers to these questions.

The cost of hiring a digital marketing agency can vary widely, depending on the scope and scale of the services required. On average, a small to mid-sized business might expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. A service like Freelance Crew's Ads Management Starter can provide a cost-effective entry point for businesses new to digital marketing.

But is it worth the investment? One success story from our portfolio strongly suggests "YES." Our client, 5150 Whips, experienced a remarkable revenue increase of $2.5 million. They generated $1.3 million from ads and $1.2 million from email marketing. Surprisingly, we achieved these results with just a $150,000 budget, resulting in an impressive average return on ad spend of 15 times or more. This example alone presents a compelling case for the potential return on investment when hiring a digital marketing agency.

In today's cutthroat market, the question on everyone's mind is, "Who is number one in digital marketing?" It's no easy question to tackle, as success varies depending on the industry and individual business. However, when it comes to driving massive revenue and orchestrating a complete digital transformation, we fearlessly stack our track record against any competitor. Take, for instance, our remarkable partnership with 5150 Whips. We breathed new life into their website, creating a captivating showcase for their products that effortlessly captivated potential customers. Not stopping there, we forged a powerful brand identity that resonated with their core values, propelling their online presence to new heights.

Now, let's address another burning question: "How on earth do I find a top-notch digital marketing agency?" The key lies in finding an agency that understands your business inside out and can craft a personalized approach just for you. Look for an agency that offers a wide range of services to cover all your digital marketing needs, including ad management and email marketing. Take Freelance Crew, for instance. We offer an unbeatable Email Marketing Starter service that lays the groundwork for highly effective marketing strategies. With our expertise by your side, your business is poised for digital marketing greatness.


The journey started with the construction of a purpose-built website that not only enabled online shopping for customers but also functioned as a point of sale system during in-person events. This dual-functionality of the website significantly amplified online sales and streamlined the ordering process.


Next, we crafted and implemented automated email flows and eye-catching newsletter templates - key components in augmenting the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Freelance Crew's Email Marketing Starter package can be a starting point for businesses seeking to harness the power of email marketing. Every aspect of this initiative was carefully planned, prepared, and executed to ensure readiness before directing paid traffic towards it. For business owners aiming to boost growth and optimize their ad campaigns, these steps are indispensable.


In the final phase, detailed planning becomes the secret sauce for successful paid advertising campaigns. We took a methodical approach, carefully organizing each stage of the sales funnel to supercharge its efficiency. If you're looking to maximize your advertising investments, Freelance Crew's Ads Management Starter package is the way to go. It's like a shortcut to optimize your paid ads and get the most bang for your buck. Business owners, this is the real deal for boosting your returns and taking your advertising game to the next level.

Ready to explore the power of strategic digital marketing investments and their impressive returns? Here's a breakdown of our client's experience using different channels, showcasing how thoughtful marketing strategies can yield exceptional results. From Facebook Ads to Google Ads and Email Marketing, the investment-to-return ratio has been phenomenal. Here's the financial breakdown:


  • COST: $135,000
  • RETURN: $1,200,000


  • COST: $1500
  • RETURN: $15,000


  • COST: $3600 
  • RETURN: $1,300,000


  • COST: $140,100
  • RETURN: $2,515,000

Ultimately, selecting a digital marketing agency has a profound impact on your business's online presence and growth. When you team up with the right agency, your business can skyrocket its online visibility, reach a wider audience, and boost revenue, just like the remarkable achievements of 5150 Whips.


"The entire team over at Freelance Crew continues to go above and beyond for us. Whether it's targeting ads for our brands, or answering social media and website related questions, Andrew and his team are always willing to help. We started using Freelance Crew with one of our brands, and now have them managing the advertising, Klaviyo flows, and e-mails for all four brands. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!"

As your business gears up for its digital journey, why not leverage the extensive expertise of a dedicated agency like Freelance Crew? We provide a range of specialized services, including our CMO Consulting package, designed to offer tailored strategic guidance that perfectly aligns with your unique business needs.

If you're eager to reshape your business's digital trajectory and curious about how our services can align with your goals, we invite you to fill out our Free Consultation Request. Through our partnership, we look forward to diving deeper into your business requirements, collaborating effectively, and paving the way for your digital success.

    Read What Our Customers Have to Say!

    We started using Freelance Crew for one of our brands, and now we have them managing advertising, Klaviyo Flows, and e-mails for all four brands. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

    Dustin Boyko
    5150 Whips

    Andrew is a genuine, honest, and reliable man. Knowing here's there to back you up whenever necessary is something that's hard to find in this industry. If you're thinking about working with Freelance Crew, just do it!

    Adam Eldendary
    Satisfied Customer

    Simply the best. I have worked with many other Marketers but Andrew and his team are cream of the crop. I look forward to a long-term business relationship.

    Andrew Page
    Automation Strategists