Brand Launch Case Study

> Royal Portraits was needing an ad buying team to run campaigns on Facebook, Google, & YouTube. They were also needing e-mail automation and daily e-mail newsletters. 

Step #1: E-mail Automation

Before we ran any paid traffic to the site we set up their automated e-mail flows. These basic flows can significantly increase the effectiveness of the ads so having those dialed in was very important before running paid traffic. 

Flows Created:

  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • New Customer Flow
  • Newsletter Flow

Daily E-mail Newsletter Results: 

Step #2: Run Ads on Facebook & Google

The first thing we did was create all the necessary audiences; website traffic, product views, add to carts, etc. Once we did this we started running top of funnel ads to drive traffic to the site and measure the various stages of the funnel.

We then created retargeting ads to hit all the various audiences with content that is designed just for that stage of the funnel. It is important to craft the copy and the creative to each stage so the ad has a more personal feel to the viewer. 

After both to top and middle of the funnel ads were in place and began to turn a profit we move on to the bottom of the funnel. For this, we like to use dynamic product ads. We find these ads to be a great way to subtly nudge someone in the right direction after they have viewed a product on a website. 

Step #3: Optimize and Scale

Once we were able to establish the TOF, MOF, & BOF, and they all started to become profitable, we then moved to the scaling phase. For this particular brand our goal was to hit 1 million in sales before the end of month #3. And well, we did it.