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Small Business Case Study

5150 Whips' Needs:

  • Build Ecommerce Website
  • Setup and Optimize E-mail Marketing Automation
  • Run Advertising Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • Ongoing Website Development and Optimization

Freelance Crew Results As of 11/01/2022:

  • Revenue Generated From Ads: $1,025,000.00
  • Revenue Generated From E-mail: $680,000.00
  • Amount Spent: $85,000.00
  • Average Cost Per Purchase: $21.50
  • Average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 20X+

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Step #1: Build Website in Shopify

The first thing our team did was create a website that would allow their customers to purchase a product online, and one that also doubled as a POS for them while at physical events. By doing this, we were able to significantly increase their online sales and improve their ordering and fulfillment process. 

Completed Website:

Step #2: Create E-mail Marketing Automation

After we completed the website and finalized the online ordering process, we then built out their e-mail flow automation. These basic flows can significantly increase the effectiveness of the ads so having those dialed in was very important before running paid traffic. 

Flows Created:

  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • New Customer Flow
  • Newsletter Flow

Step #3: Establish Sales Funnel (TOF, MOF, & BOF)

One of the most important pieces to running paid ads is ensuring that every stage of the funnel is planned out. The more organized the various stages of the funnel are, the more efficient the entire funnel will be. So, it is important to identify the needs and then roll out the different stages when necessary. 

For this particular client, the total monthly budget was only $1000 to start. So, we had to start attacking the low-hanging fruit first in order to generate enough revenue to feed the other stages of the funnel.

For this, we built out what is called the "Middle and Bottom of the Funnel" audiences. This includes anyone who visited the website, added a product to a cart, initiated the checkout process, visited a Facebook Page, etc. Since they're already familiar with the brand, all they really need at this stage is a couple more nudges to get them to become a paying customer. 

In order to achieve this for 5150 Whips, we created ads that showcased both the product durability and the functionality and placed those ads in front of the new audiences. By doing this, we were able to quickly generate enough revenue to start running ads to colder audiences. 

The next step was to do some serious market research and identify their main competitors so we could begin to target their customer base. We also now had enough data from our MOF/BOF efforts that we were able to create Lookalike audiences. These campaigns are designed to consistently bring in new customers to the funnel so our MOF/BOF ads and our e-mail marketing efforts can effectively do their job. 

If you're interested in learning more about how our team can help your business, please feel free to fill out our client application today!